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I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t matter what’s in my closet, I always reach for the same pair of black leggings and a simple tank. The flexible, comfortable fabrics make it so appealing to wear everywhere - at the gym, at the store, heck, I even wear my leggings to work some days! Which makes it so important to know how to style athleisure when dressing up or dressing down. 

Athleisure has truly exploded onto the Fashion scene, and I am all for it. You can wear athleisure pretty much wherever you go now (almost), but a lot of people still question if they are able to wear it to a certain place or at an event. That’s why I created this post! Over the past year or two, you have probably invested in many athleisure outfits and accessories. Let’s talk about ways to make use out of those pieces. Here are # things to do while rocking your athleisure outfits:

Head to work

Okay, okay. Can you even wear athleisure to work? YES!  If you do it the right way. Of course - not all jobs are created equal, but most have a somewhat flexible dress policy as of late. I’m not saying to put on your hottest gym attire, and some printed or nude version of high waisted leggings that show your booty gains a little bit too much… but you can opt for black leggings, leather leggings, or a deep solid one-color leggings. Pro tip: make sure to pair your leggings with a very long button-down shirt, a long cardigan, a t-shirt and a long blazer, a cozy sweater (again - think long), or if your dress policy is very flexible, a sweatshirt. Flats are a great option for shoes. If you feel like heels, wear heels, but leggings do balance out more with flats.

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Lift some weights

An activity perfect for athleisure? The gym, of course! When it comes to rocking athleisure in the gym, you probably want to stick with clothing items that are a bit more supportive, especially if you are lifting weights or doing a HIIT workout. Athleisure is great for the gym, but always opt for clothing styles that are more on the athletic side and less on the leisure side. You will thank me later!

Running errands

I don’t know about you, but I hate running into someone while I am running errands because I usually look like a mess! Step up your athleisure game so that you look cute, while you also stay comfortable enough to get all of you errands done with ease. Athleisure pieces are typically constructed with super soft knit fabrics, like modal, brushed cotton or stretchy Spandex. To take your lazy-day outfit from lounging to lunch out, add a wildcard piece in an elevated texture. I found a tip from Stitch Fix that said to slip a crisp denim jacket over your long-sleeved tee to add structure to your joggers, or layer with a leather moto jacket for a luxe, edgy twist. Genius! 

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Help a friend move

Again - if you are doing any heavy lifting, make sure that you choose more supportive options, but if you are just helping out with the packing process, feel free to wear your most comfortable athleisure pants that you can find. Alternately, you could urge your friend to hire movers such as All in One Moving & Storage, Inc. and you can just take your friends out for lunch instead! Then, come back to a home that is all moved into (without doing the heavy lifting yourself) and help her/him/them unpack. All in One Moving & Storage, Inc. are local movers in Bergen County and they even do unpacking + packing services, if you really want to stay stress-free during a move. Maybe they will even show up in their own athleisure!

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