Summer Outfits Inspiration & Trends

By Anamika - 17:36:00

1.       Rompers: Dress up or down for a casual get-together, backyard BBQ or just a casual coffee run. Rompers are big in Summers, you also have the liberty to play with different colors like yellow, orange, pink or even neon! The choices are endless. Pair them with cute sneakers and you are good to go on with your day!


2.       Long Floral Maxi Dress: A well-assembled floral dress can work for any occasion weather it is your day out sunflower picking, attending a virtual wine’o clock. You can also pair your dress with the right accessories and sandals and make it a go to work on Fridays look.  Check Asos, Nordstrom rack or H&M for some stylish and under budget dresses!

Maxi dresses floral long dress

3.       Double Denim Look: This summer show some love for denims by going for a double denim look. It is time to put your denim jackets in use, spot it with a mini dress or formal dress to go from work after work hangouts. Denim overalls are also a big hit this season.

Denim overalls

4.       Simplistic White Mini Dress: It is time to dress it up in a White Mini Dress. Trending styles this year would be ruffle, cotton, and satin dresses! The right accessories will add personality to the overall look.

White mini dress

5.       Washed Out Denims: Denim is always on trend, but for summer 2020 the trend is all washed out! most trend-forward crowd has been testing out acid-wash denim as of late. Their cool outfits prove that it goes way beyond a pair of jeans

Washed out look

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