Sephora Haul - Spring Sale

By Anamika - 12:39:00

The best time to execute your Sephora haul is now! The Sephora Spring Event is back, and all members will get at least 10% off on your favorite makeup. Yes, it is site-wide. If you are a rouge member – you get 20% off, VIB – 15% off & Insiders get 10% off!
Use code: SpringSAVE

Here are my top 5 Must Haves in this Spring Event:

Lancome Tinted Sunscreen: I am guilty of skipping my sunscreen before applying makeup! So, to find a tinted sunscreen that would work to give a great finish while protecting your skin sounds perfect to me. It is perfect for medium coverage and gives a beautiful glow finish!

Yves Saint Lipstick:  Isn’t lipstick a girl’s best friend too? 😊 More the shades, the better it gets! Have you tried the power of red, if not go for it and try this one! This is bold yet subtle and would be a perfect pick for those beauty boss babes!

A Good Fragrance: This is a great time to invest on a good fragrance. Imagine how much you can save with 15% off. My pick is this White Tea collection by Elizabeth.  I love the soft feminine floral scent with sweet vanilla and white tea essence. Perfect day to night scent that is attractive yet not overpowering! Girls this is totally worth a try!

Dior Foundation: Girls, believe it or not, but your foundation speaks a volume for you! Nobody likes a patchy, flaky foundation making you look older than your age. It is especially important to spend that extra dollar on a good foundation that is well suited for your skin and has great ingredients. Dior is known to have one of the best in the markets. With the sale going on you can get a good deal on this one!

Face Mask: Stock up on those face masks, sleep masks, eye masks etc. I am a total self-care enthusiast and advocate every woman to care for themselves, pamper with some beauty rituals.  I personally also love the Sephora mask collection.

Happy Shopping Y’all!! 😊

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