Things to Pack for a Trip to Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island of beaches, rainforest and lots of sunshine. Yes, lots of sunshine which calls for all your tropical essentials.  I am so excited for my upcoming trip and can’t wait for the adventure to unfold.

But before that comes the time to pack for a trip to Puerto Rico and when we travel for vacation the last thing we want to do is not pack the things that we would make us happy and ready on the trip. So, I decided to write down few essentials plus some fashion inspiration if you plan to visit the place.

  • Hats, Sunscreen & Sunnies: Let’s get away with the most obvious ones first. Like any warm island you need to make sure you carry tons of sunscreen as the temperature can soar really high. Also don’t forget to carry few hats and sunglasses to protect you from sunburn while also keeping your fashion game on point.
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  • Sandals & Flipflops: This island has so much to explore that you will end of walking a lot Don’t forget to carry a good pair of sneakers and flipflops. Trust me they will take you a long way! Pom poms and sandals would go perfectly with many outfits and evening wears. Make sure you carry a good mix of flats and heels so you can enjoy both daytime and nightlife.

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  • Daytime Dresses, Shorts and Rompers: Add some variation to your outfits when in Puerto Rico. Bring colors like pink, red, green and blue to match the beauty of the surroundings. Get insta worthy pictures by adding some florals, long dresses and skirts. Also carry a romper and shorts for your visit to outdoor activities.

  • Swinwear: Puerto Rico has some of the most beautiful beaches to be found anywhere in the world. There are also many beaches that offer great snorkeling and gorgeous seascapes. So if you’re planning to sunbathe, dive in or just wanting to have some down time, your swimwear is a staple for this trip.
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  • Light Sweater: Although the weather is usually warm in here, at night the temperature can go down to lower 70s. Carry a light sweater and a fancy stole to be on a safer side. It will hardly take any extra space in your luggage but would make sure you enjoy your trip uninterrupted.
scarf, shawl stole

  • Party Wear: Things that people absolutely love here? Nightlife, music and dressing up! Well that explains it all. Make sure you pack some beautiful evening wears and put on those heels. This is the place to show off your statement dress and accessories while grooving to the tunes of this mesmerizing island.

 Next, I will tell you the must visit places in Puerto Rico and fun things to do. 

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