5 Essentials You Need to Spot A Perfect Spring Look

By Anamika - 13:37:00

1.      Spring Dresses: Yes, it’s time to dress up in those flowy floral dresses that would accentuate your feminine side. You can also go for more solid colored and fitted dresses to put together more of a formal look. Colors like pink, red, orange and light shades of blue will be reigning this season. So, ladies get going and start stacking up on your favorite dresses for this season. You can get some beautiful flowy spring dresses at lulus.

spring dresses

2.      Colorful Shades: It’s that time of the year when sun will start shining a little brighter making us all so happy and cheery. Put aside your black frames and aviators and get a little colorful and funky with your choices. Cat-eyed and round frames would do wonders with your ‘oh so chic’ spring look!

colorful sunglasses

3.      Lip Gloss: Ok ladies, there is a reason why I call this season an ‘experimental’ one. This is the time when the flowers are blooming and there are mix of colors all around us. It makes for a perfect time to get a little playful with your lip-gloss. How about that bright orange shade that you last checked out at Sephora? Well this is the perfect time and season to give it a try and pull it off!

spring essentials

4.      Wedge Sandals: I love colorful wedge sandals for spring season. The best thing about them is you can wear them to a fancy place or dress them down for a casual meet. They work beautifully with multiple outfits. Weather you want to opt for a spring dress, palazzos or fitted denims. Check DSW for some good deals on shoes!

Silver Wedge Sandals

5.      Cardigan: Last but not the least, it’s always a good idea to have a couple of lightweight cardigans to match up with your ‘outfit of the day’. Trust me they do come handy, especially when the spring breeze gets a little chilly. Besides they look super chic and elegant to complete your go to work look.

Cardigan for spring

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