Gift Guide to Winter Accessories

By Anamika - 17:26:00

1.   Glider Gloves – Touch screen: I personally love my new gloves from Glider pro. They’re not only stylish and warm but are also touch screen gloves. These urban style warm touchscreen gloves have full hand and 10-finger conductivity which is so unique and functional. I do have another touch screen glove but that’s not for all the fingers so that’s quite an advantage.

Made with conductive yarns, it doesn’t slide and gives a firm grip thus making the typing accurate and easy! The double lining and soft brushed interior layers of these gloves provide for superior warmth and protection.

They’re also compatible with all touchscreen phones and devices. 
I also love the fact that these gloves come in different sizes and styles, so you can pick the one that fits you the best. You can buy these Ultra-modern gloveshere

2.   Fuzzy Throw Blanket: Who doesn’t love a warm cozy throw blanket on a cold winter day. You can just grab a cup of coffee and wrap around a blanket in front of a fireplace. My absolute favorite is my Kasentex fleece thermal blanket. I love the fact that it’s Anti-static & moisture absorbent and comes in two attractive colors. My choice is their beige -sand one. You can Shop this Here:Throw Blanket

3.   Scented Candles: I love my scented candles on a winter evening. My collection of candles is huge, and I absolutely don’t mind adding some more to it. Scented Candle is a best filler gift and will surely make the receiver happy because let’s just admit that you can never have enough candles. You can try mixing up few fragrances. I love the collection at Bath& Body works and their winter sale can let you grab a steal deal.

4.   Holiday Socks:  We all get those holiday winter socks and we all love them. This is the time of the year when you will always spot a pair of festive socks and think about grabbing them, even though your wardrobe is overflowing with these winter necessities. There’s something about them and there’s something about gifting these in a stocking stuffer.

5.   Coffee Mugs: Winters are in complete without the festive holiday mugs! I love those cute and decorative mugs in seasonal colors and holiday messages. I feel it’s just not right to have your winter coffee in a regular mug. You need to take out your holiday collection and use them and don’t forget to gift one to someone you think will love them as much as you do!

So, these are some of the ideas of gifting winter accessories this season. They’re not too expensive but are always welcomed in every home.

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