How to use Instagram Features to Increase Your Engagement

By Anamika - 18:37:00

New Instagram Features

Recently, Instagram has been quick on updating their algorithm to make the platform more authentic and interactive. However, I have heard so many of us complaining of reduced engagement on their post due to these updates by Instagram.
Although I am not a big fan of some of the changes like losing their chronological order which made life so much easier to track our favorite accounts and updates. Though even if we lost on that big one, Instagram was generous enough to introduce so many new features on the platform for us to utilize and engage.  Surprisingly this time around, the authorities at Instagram were also quite forward in speaking about the changes & updates of how Instagram algorithm can enhance our user experience and breaking few of our myths.
I believe if we leverage on new features launched by the platform, there is no way we would have low engagement. In fact, it would only help us get noticed by many more accounts.

So, the key here is – More you Engage – More Engagement You Get!

Let’s talk about some of their features that we can use to increase our engagement:
1.      Stories: This is not really a new one but is most popular and is the best way to get discovered by like-minded and creative bees holding similar interests. Make sure you’re using all that they provide to enhance your stories, the hashtags, location, gigs etc. The best thing about them is they disappear after 24hrs.
How to use Instagram Stories

2.      IGTV: This is their brand-new feature launched and described by Instagram as its "most exciting feature to date". So now with this your videos can be much longer than before. Along with that now you will see no pictures or other stories besides the videos. So, it’s a feature meant to make and watch videos without any intervention.
How to use Instagram IGTV

3.      Highlights: Quite recently, Instagram introduced to all their new highlight feature. Through this, you can group your stories and save them on your feed to be there permanently. So, if you have certain stories that you wish could stay longer than 24hrs, this is your option. Save them in your highlights before they disappear. This is another engaging feature which give users a chance to augment their feed through these story highlights. Another way to hold attention of new accounts and increase their stay time on your profile.
How to use Instagram highlight feature

4.      Archives: the new Instagram Stories Archive will automatically save your stories into the cloud system. You can also turn on the automatic save to archive option on the settings so that all your stories are saved and can be put back even after 24 hrs time-frame.
Instagram Archive

5.      Clickable links to other accounts in your Bio:  Through this, you can now add clickable links to other accounts on Instagram. So, if you want to promote your business or other instapage, you can simply put it on your profile with @ and it will direct users to that other account. Definitely another interesting way to get discovered by more potential followers.
Instagram clickable link

Try these features and let me know if your engagement increased or not.

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