Trip to New Jersey’s Enchanted Farms

By Anamika - 16:47:00

Known as a beautiful garden state, New Jersey is the right place to be at for nature lovers. It’s always a delight to see some of the first flowers and blooms of the season. Farmer’s market and township fairs are just a few things you don’t want to miss. I am also blessed to be in the middle of some of the most attractive parks just a walking distance away.

Central jersey
This state is so vast and open, that there is always something new to discover and is sure a delight for photographers. So, on my quest to find the right place for the next photo-shoot, my husband & I recently encountered one of the abandoned areas buried right in the middle of a busy development and town in central jersey. The place is borderline eerie but can be a good adventure spot to explore the hidden in the daylight.

While wandering the spooky trails of the enchanted forest area, we unexpectedly came across an abandoned house right in the middle of nowhere. The place seemed fairly old with broken windows and cob webs all over! 

As we approached the other side of the house, I spotted an old rustic well which was covered in tree branches and twigs. However, what really caught my attention was just a few steps further was a beautiful lake surrounded by open land and greens. It also turned out to be my favorite spot for pictures.

Overall, I loved exploring this hidden enchantment and managed to take some good photographs to share with you all.

Enchanted Forest in new Jersey

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Photographer: Brian Chrai
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  1. Great Pictures !It's really exciting to know about the lake where it is situated.Really nice.

  2. Ahhhg I would’ve freaked so hard if I came across an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere 😅. You took some great photos though!


  3. Abandoned houses always make me iffy. I grew up in Detroit and there's a lot of them. xo, Suzanne

  4. This place looks absolutely stunning! What a great find.

  5. Abandoned houses always make me a little scared. This is a great location.

  6. Wow, this is so cool! I am so intrigued by abandoned homes.

  7. Spectacular place for great adventure and wonderful pictures.

  8. What a little gem! I love finding little hidden areas in the forest. Beautiful!

  9. I really do love those woodsy out of the way places. It has such a unique beauty to it all.

  10. I live in New Jersey and love finding places like this to explore. Now I get to explore with my kids. What a cool place for a photo shoot!