Things to do on your trip to Amritsar, India

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I recently got lucky to visit this serene and one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Amritsar. Known for the world- famous ‘Golden Temple’, peace is inevitable in this divine destination. I spent three days here, which I feel is sufficient to cover everything if you do things right.
So, let me give you the highlights that you just can’t miss in Amritsar.

1.  Golden Temple: The first day, I started my trip by visiting one of the most peaceful places in the world – ‘Golden Temple’ Surrounded by water, this holy place makes you forget everything outside it. Built in gold, this beauty is hard to miss. You can easily spend the whole evening there just gazing the lights and listening to soothing prayers and melodious songs.
2.  Golden Temple Langar: Once done admiring the beauty of golden temple, head straight away to the langar area (food) where they serve full meal. Everyday thousands of meals are served to people from all walks of life regardless of who you are and where you come from. It’s an experience you just don’t want to miss.

3.   Jallianwala Baugh: Next day, start by visiting this historical place that will explain you in detail about the history of the origin of this place. You will also find many well-preserved pieces of history. The place itself is vast and is perfect city know the city better.
4.   Wagah Border: From there head to Wagah border, you will get tons of public transports to this place. Wagah is the border that lies between Amritsar in Punjab, India and Lahore in Punjab, Pakistan.  It is the only road crossing border between India and Pakistan. Every evening they host a military parade and lowering of the flag ceremony on both sides of the border. I was thrilled and ecstatic to witness something like this. You will never feel more patriotic in your life regardless of which country you belong. This is one of the most energetic shows I have ever seen. Try to reach earlier as there is at least 15 mins of walking and the seating area is always almost full. 

5.     Food & Shopping:  No trip to Amritsar is complete without experiencing their food. Save your last day to explore the food and streets bustling with bazaar. From Chole Kulcha, Kheema Naan, Jalebi, Amritsari Lassi to Sarson Da Saag, just try everything you set your eyes on. Yes, your diet will go for a toss, but your taste buds will surely thank you. Their unique flavours and recipes are hard to find anywhere else, so just go ahead and indulge.

This was one of a kind of trip and I will always cherish my experience and beautiful memories I made with my hubby.

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