Spring Shoe Trends: 2018 & Sale

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Spring Shoes

As said by Coco Chanel, ‘Keep your heels, head & standards high’, we all know the importance of a good pair of shoes. Although the weather is endeavouring to confuse us with the cold chills and sunny days, it’s time to hop, jump and stock up the spring shoes.
I have rounded up the top 5 shoe trends that will keep you on top of your spring fashion game.

1.     Velvet Shoes: Velvet style has made a huge comeback with more versatile and feminine looks this season. From sneakers, loafers or pumps you will see velvet trending high this season. From subtle to edgy you can style them accordingly. Gap is currently having a sale on some of their velvet shoes.

2.     Wedges: Wedge sandals are here to rule your spring – 2018. So, whether it’s your old wedges sitting in the shoe rack or a brand new one, this is the time to flaunt them. Walk in-to the spring with your wedges high! Check DSW for some stylish wedges on sale.

3.     Clear PVC Shoes: This trend is clearly dominating the fashion runways and the stores of the hottest designers. Chanel gave a beautiful twist to these transparent Rockstar and made them an instant celebrity hit! Forever21 have them on 50% off!!

4.     Polka Dot: This spring you will see polka dot on almost all things trendy. From dresses, shoes to accessories, this style is here to rule the fashion industry. The feminine pastel shades & monochromes would be your safest bet. This dotted retro look will bring back lot of punk this spring -2018. Asos have got you covered on this one.

5.     Strappy Heels: Isn’t this our favourite spring staple? Yes, they’re back and would compliment your gorgeous pastel hues and flowy dresses exceptionally well. For those of you who would want to skip high heels, strappy sandals and flats are pretty much a thing too this spring. Lulus have some great deals to offer on this trend.

So, do you have a favourite shoe trend this spring?

Spring Shoes Trend - 2018

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