5 Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Stress

By Anamika - 03:25:00

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“It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it” – Hans Selye

How many of us are guilty of stressing over things that don’t matter?

Well, we all know that adult life is full of stress, there can be no phase where you would not be stressing over something! So, rather than dwelling on it, we should focus on the positives. By just adapting few life-style changes you can actually stop stressing over stress!

Here are few tips that works for me and so many others!

1.     Always Find time for your hobby/Passion: One thing I can always swear by, never ever stop learning! Weather you’re 18 or 81, learning something new is the only thing that keeps us moving. It will not only divert your mind but will put your senses to more productive things in life.

2.     Yoga: Cliched but true, yoga heals our soul. It does not only keep your body flexible, but your mind too. Yoga have put disciple in my life and have also made me more organised. I truly believe that a day spent without yoga is a day wasted! Give the world some good energy!

3.     Self-Indulgence: Always remember, there is no greater love than self-love. Learn to love yourself and you will love others too! Many of us often prioritise the needs of others over our own and in turn drain ourselves of the positive energies. Whether you want a spa day, friends’ night out or a shopping spree, leave everything aside and just do it!

4.     Laughter is the best Medicine:  Yes, it is indeed! Trust me it’s not that difficult to have a good laugh. Catch up on your favourite comedy series, movie or just laugh at yourself. Laughter triggers the release of happy hormones which are super beneficial for our wellbeing! Make sure to laugh atleast once in a day if not more!

5.     Work-Life Balance: Remember the times when you just want to quit everything? Well that’s when work overtakes our life, leaving us feeling drained and often helpless. Many would say, it’s easy said than done! Agreed, but with some effort, discipline and willingness, we can change that! Get in the flow, take out time for everything that matters to you. Stop making excuses of having ‘no time’. Try it, it will just take away more than half your stress!

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