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Product: K and C Bath & Beauty Products
 Review by: FloridMaven
As promised, today I will be reviewing two incredible products from K and C bathbombs. Recently, I received some of their best-selling products – Vanilla Rose Milk Foot Scrub, Apricot Sugar Scrub & The Awakening Blend Shower Fizzy.
The brand being fairy new in the market, I wasn’t sure what would the experience be like and now after using for a while, I am ready and excited to review them.
K and C Vanilla Rose Milk Foot bath

1.      Starting with Vanilla Rose Milk Sugar Scrub, now the best thing I like about this product is the fact that it’s 100% natural. it smells heavenly but not overpowering. I personally like to soak my feet in Luke warm water with a scoop of Vanilla & Rose foot bath. The aroma is stress reliving while milk & rose helps moisturise my feet. We all know what happens to our feet, especially in winter. Packed with argan & olive oil, this product gives a natural boost to your tired feet after a long day at work.  
It also has small dry rose petals that feel so soothing to your skin.

K and C Apricot Sugar Scrub

2.      Apricot Sugar Scrub: Apricot is known for it’s nourishing benefits. Enriched with vitamins & omega 6 fatty acids, it allows the nutrients to penetrate deeper into your skin.  This sugar scrub has quite a refreshing smell that will sure soothe your senses. I am very choosy when it comes to sugar scrub, as I don’t like the ones that are too rough or harsh on your skin. Surprisingly, I did not only find the scrub extremely soothing, but fell in love with the way it made me feel. This is a true indulgence!  I can easily say that this is one of my favorite scrubs and I would be using this for a very long time.
You can buy here: Apricot Sugar Scrub
Another amazing thing about this product is its nice cooling effect. It genuinely makes your skin feel fresh & relieved.  This scrub too is made of all-natural ingredients with no preservatives added. Besides Apricot, the scrub is loaded with argan oil, apricot kernel oil & 24K karat gold mica.
The packaging is cute & colourful.  It’s a colour coordinated jar packed in a net pouch. .
$6 for 4 OZ Jar
My rating: 4.5/5
Would I recommend this? Oh yes! If you don’t try this, you are certainly missing out something heavenly!

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