5 Winter Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

By Anamika - 16:49:00

Winter Beauty Hack

Winter so far have been full of chills, wind & snow. While I enjoy sipping on hot chocolate and enjoy the beauty around, it always takes a toll on my hair & skin. So, today I will share with you, how you by following few simple steps, you can stay at the top of your beauty game.
1.     Mild Soap: First, it’s very important that you change your face wash & body wash in winter. Unlike summer, winter makes your skin dry faster. Mild soap will prevent this and will help your skin from becoming flaky & patchy.
2.     Moisturizing Atleast 3 times a Day: Moisturizing is the key word in Winters! Do it atleast thrice a day to retain your skin’s moisture. Do you know that in winter, your skin loses at least 30% of its, moisture? So, invest on a good moisturizing cream. My personal favorite is Paris from Bath & Body Works.
3.     Cleansing & Toning: Don’t give up on your daily cleansing routine. In winter, we often neglect our basic cleansing & toning. This will accumulate unwanted particles & dust in your skin pores, making it look dull & uneven.
4.     Hair Oil & Massage: Who have experienced dry and rough hair issues in winter? We all are guilty of not taking enough care of our hair at some point in winter. Hair oil & Massage atleast once in 10 days is a must in winters. This will not only make your hair more nourished but will also keep dandruff issues at bay. I am currently using Bali Secret’s Serum which consist the goodness of many powerful oils in one tiny capsule.
5.     Under Eye Mask: Under-eye area is extremely delicate and contains a very thin layer of skin. Make sure you give them enough moisture &  comfort in cold weather.  Invest on a good eye mask for a little pampering, because why not?

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  1. I think I need to up my moisturising because my skin has really started acting up and I think winter is to blame. Thank you for the tips.

  2. Oh I never thought to moisture 3 times a day! Im lucky if I even do it once these days, I really need to get my skin care routine sorted! My skin is so dry at this time of year!

  3. I was not aware of mild soap but, I do continue to moisturize. I don't know about hair oil either and will look that up. An eye mask also sounds nice.

  4. These are great hacks to know. I believe in the need to moisturize more in the winter months.

  5. Hair oil is something I've never really tried - I'm always worried about it making my hair greasy. Apart from Bali Secret’s Serum, are there any other brands or products you'd recommend? x

  6. I never moisturized for 3 times a day... i just do it once in the morning and once before going to bed :)

  7. I love these tips. This is great to have handy since I now live in a colder area.