Rocksbox Unboxing & Free Trial Month

By Anamika - 11:13:00

Rocksbox Unboxing

Who doesn’t love a box full of jewelries? What if you get one every month!
That’s what Rocksbox is all about. It’s a monthly subscription box full of your favourite statement rocks. You can wear them as much as you want and then return the package back to the company. Oh, did I mention that they have free return shipping?
OK, now what if you like something from the box and would want to keep it with you. No problem! You can purchase that individual piece from the box and return the rest back to them. Yes, it’s that convenient. No hassles at all.

So, I recently got my first Rocksbox and let me tell you about my experience and what all was inside the wonder box. To begin with, they asked me to make a wish list of all the jewelries that I wish to wear or own. After that, I was appointed a personal stylist who curated my box. Guess what, all my wishes were granted, I was given a box with three pieces of jewelry that I had added on my wishlist.

Unboxing Rocksbox

I got my favorite trending tassel earrings in black. I love black because it goes with just everything! I got a Nakamol bracelet which I wore for an occasion and people just adored that! Last but not the least I got a bead bracelet in green.

This all comes for just $19 monthly rental fees. But I do have something to share with all my readers! You can try your first box for free by using my code ‘floridmavenxoxo’ at the checkout. You can get one here!

After returning your first box, if you don’t wish to receive the second one, all you must do is unsubscribe! But trust me it’s hard to resist this Rocksbox! 

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  1. So so interesting box! The jewels are so nice. Thanks for sharing with us

    1. I love them..I think they have some brilliant pieces! :)

  2. So cute! I love the idea of new jewels straight to your door!

  3. What a fun group of goodies!