5 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Try

By Anamika - 19:05:00

Beauty Hacks

Holiday season is all about getting together with your friends & family. It’s also about food, dinner events and lots of festivities. So, how to keep your beauty and selfie game on point?
Well, here are a few beauty hacks to try at home this festive season! They’re super easy, takes only a few minutes and work wonders! So, let’s get started.

1.      White Eyeliner Fix: There is always a method to apply this wonder white stick. White eyeliner is that multipurpose product that can make your eyes look brighter and eyebrows well defined! All you have to do is draw a thick line below and above your eyebrows and smudge it out with hands or a sponge brush to see the results. Trust me, you’ll love it!

Nail paint Hack

2.      Nail Paint Hack: Who doesn’t love trying variety of colors and also the ones that match your outfit! Now how many of us have applied the nail paint just before stepping out?
Next time, after applying your nail paint, drip your nails in an ice cold water. It will dry your nails much faster than you think and you will not have to wait for so long before rushing out of the house!

Green Tea Bags for de-puffing

3.      Green Tea Bag Magic: I love green tea for both drinking and applying purposes. We all have those mornings of puffy eyes when you just want to hide behind your sunglasses. Try this hack for the fastest way to de-puff your eyes. Just take two used green tea bags, put in the refrigerator and apply under your eyes for 5-7 minutes. These results are pretty instant. So next time don’t throw away those used precious tea bags!

Comb your hair inside out

4.      Comb your Hair Inside Out: Want to add some instant volume to your hair? Instead of combing from the outer part, try combing from inside out. This will add a good volume to your hair. It will also make your hair soft and bouncy!

Beauty Hack for every girl

5.      Bobbi Pins For Strong Hold:  After styling our hair, we often struggle to keep them in place. For this, we apply tons of hair spray to hold the hairstyle. Next time, apply half of that hair spray on the Bobbi pins before putting them on your hair! Yes, this works and will make your hold much stronger!

So now that you know these quick hacks, try and let me know how they worked out for you! Would you like to share any of your secret beauty hack?

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  2. These are all such great hacks that every woman would definitely benefit from! Thanks for sharing, girl, and I hope you have a great week!



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