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Recently I got to visit this beautiful tropical island of beauty, beaches and dreams! Surrounded with Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago, this ‘island of spice’ is a pure bliss. So today, I will share with you the few highlights of Grenada, places to visit and what to expect!

The View
It was a 5 hours flight from New Jersey, USA. The place has a fair amount of public transportation with busses and taxis available at a good frequency. There are many good resorts on the island, one of them being The Radisson resort of Grenada where I stayed. It was a scenic place with the private beach and a humongous water pool. The staff was courteous and rooms comfortable.  Since it’s a small island most of the places were in close proximity from each other, which was fantastic!
There are many guided tourist buses that can be booked through resorts. Since we like to keep it more personal, we had booked a guided taxi tour and visited popular places like The spice market, their popular Waterfall, local cocoa chocolate factory, beach Anse and a local beer factory where they still use age-old methods and equipment to make beer. Most of the process is done manually which was very fascinating and thrilling to watch!

The highlight of this island is their lovely beautiful beaches! Wherever you stay, you will always find one gorgeous beach in a walkable distance. They are also known for their black beaches, spices and cocoa.

For food, don’t miss trying out their local specialties like Cocoa Tea, Roti Roll, Nutmeg Syrup with Pancakes and Seafood. In cocktails, my favorite was their signature style mudslides.

Overall it’s an amazing place to catch up on some sun, unwind and go with the flow of the beach waves! Afterall that’s what tropical vacations are made of!

Here are some of the Pictures from Grenada!

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

Grenada Waterfall


Spices of Grenada

Grenada Beach

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  1. Oh I would love a Caribbean vacation... I went to GCI a while back and loved it and have been waiting to go to another island... Lovely pictures

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