DIY: Home Remedies to treat Dark circles

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Every woman faces this issue and secretly wishes to not deal with it ever again. In our desperate attempt, we are ready to experiment with every new cream that comes into the market with the tall claims of instant riddance from these adamant companions.

There are many factors that contribute in making them look worse, be it lack of sleep, stress, allergens, pollution or age. Though in today's lifestyle it's difficult to fight these factors but we can certainly leverage on the goodness of nature to reduce their appearance.

Here are some natural ways of treating dark circles sans harmful chemicals:

Green tea bags for beauty

1. Green Tea Bags: Used tea bag in general is a commendable way of treating dark circles. However, In order to boost the power of the treatment, opt for a green tea bag as it contains a lot more of antioxidants that can work wonders for you!

Remedies for Dark circles

2. Spoon Trick: Now this is one trick that is super fun to try. All you have to do is put spoons in the freezer for 15 mins and place them on your eyes. Not only it is so cool and refreshing but will help you get you rid of the puffiness that worsens your dark circles. Put the spoon back in the freezer and repeat the treatment for 10 minutes.

Cucumber slices - florid maven

3: Cucumber: Who doesn't know the magic treatment of cucumber slices under your eyes? Isn't that what we have been hearing from our parents and grandparents? Well trust their words of wisdom and go grab two slices of cucumber now.

Potato slices for undereyes

4: Potato: They contain natural bleaching agents that will lighten your skin and help reduce the dark circles significantly. Just cut two thick sliced potatoes, put in the refrigerator and apply under the eyes. Done! Simple 3 times a week way of looking brighter and fresh!

Mint leaves treatment for dark circles

5: Rose Water and Mint Leaves: This is another incredible method of treating those under rings. Puree the mint leaves in a blender and mix it up with some rose water to add some extra magic under your eyes. 

So do try these at home and you would love your brighter and firmer eyes!

Time to put down those sunglasses?

Added Point: Have a good night sleep and meditate for 10 mins daily. Solves a lot more issues then just dark circles!


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