Superfood for the Glowing Skin

By Anamika - 14:13:00

We often strive to get the flawless glow on our face. Weather it’s an upcoming event or a date, we do everything to attain that enduring radiant appearance. While our favorite facials and spa treatments do succeed in illuminating our face, it is the superfood that do the trick for a long term glow.

Let's check out what are these popular food items and how can they benefit us.

Superfood For glowing Skin

1. Avocado: This is for all the guac and avocado toast fans. Do you know eating avocado helps in building healthy skin cells? It consists of vitamin E and is loaded with essential oils that aids in blood circulation and hydration giving us smooth and even toned skin. Let’s give you another fun fact - Avocado makes for a perfect picture prop for our social media pictures too!

2. Spinach: Green leafy vegetables are the real champ superfood when it comes to reducing inflammation and breakouts on the skin. Spinach is one of the few food items loaded with zinc that will make your skin and hair healthy and shiny from inside out. Time to have a veggie bowl for dinner tonight?

3. Nuts: Nuts like cashew, almond, walnut when consumed in moderate proportion provide endless health benefits. The healthy fat from the nuts is impeccable for our skin’s vigor. It improves blood circulation, metabolism and even out the skin tone. Healthy nutrients and fats also makes up for our daily

4. Egg Whites: Egg whites not only make for a perfect breakfast but also a good source of proteins your body needs every day to function in a healthy manner. It furthermore contains collagen that is known to fight fine lines and aging. So egg lovers, wrinkles and fine lines are sure to stay away from you for a very long time.

5. Turmeric Milk: Not many know, but mixing half a spoon of turmeric in milk is actually the remedy to many cures. It is not only refreshing, but gives you a good night sleep after a long tiring day. It relaxes your muscles and contains curcumin, an antioxidant that fight against radicals that are dulling your skin. Oh and it tastes good too! So grab a glass of turmeric milk after that busy long day and see the difference.

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  1. Wow, these are great recommendations. I've never heard of mixing tumeric in Milk. Will def try that out.

  2. Good to know regarding the egg whites. I'm going to have to add more of those into my diet!

  3. It's amazing how much your diet effects.

  4. This is a great list! I get married in 7 months and am desperately trying to sort out my skin! I'm allergic to nuts unfortunately, but will definitely be upping my intake of all of the others; I love me some avocado!

  5. Thanks for reminding me about the tumeric milk. It may just be what the doctor ordered before bed tonight. :)

  6. Turmeric milk and nuts are my favorites whent it comes to staying healthy and getting that glow from within. Avocado seems to be a good addition too, will give it a try...nice round-up of healthy food items

  7. Yummmm, I love spinach, avocado and cashews! The only problem is, I love greasy pizza as well! Ha! I am definitely curious about turmeric in general. It seems like a miracle ingredient of sorts both when eaten and applied topically.

  8. Great list and lucky me they're all my favourite. My little one hates egg yolk, she only eats egg white - like me when I was younger, although I now love yolk. Thanks for this reminder

  9. Love these recommendations. Who doesn't love beautiful, glowing skin?