5 Fashion Hacks that Actually Work!

By Anamika - 14:35:00

We all know how busy life gets for multitasking women like us. While we get busy achieving our dreams, we also want to look good and presentable to realize a level of success and self-content.
So I have listed down a few fashion hacks for which you would thank me later.
1.      High Ponytail Hack: Perfect high ponytail is a dream look! But seldom do we achieve that. After a few hours of donning hightail look all we are left with is a sagging ponytail ready to spread out. Here is the solution, divide your hair in two parts and make two high ponytails just next to each other and then pull both together in another band.  
Gigi Hadid
Image source: Pacificcoastnews

2.      Baby Wipes for Deo Stains: We all love our favourite fragrance and deo but hate the stains it leaves on our clothes. Just buy some baby wipes and gently rub them on the stain and dang it’s vanished.
Baby wipes for Deo

3.      Taping your toes:  Weather it’s a wedding, after work party or those client meetings, the list is long of the occasions to spot high heels. But high heels also mean sore feet and those blisters. Well now no more, because this hack will get rid of all your concerns. All you have to do is tape your two middle toes together and boom you are ready to rock the party!
Fashion hack - taping your toes

4.      Tea Bags in Shoes:  Imagine you are in a boardroom meeting and those smelly shoes of yours betray you right then and there. Not a good thought at all, right? Make sure to leave a tea bag in your shoes overnight and it will subside and get rid of any odour. So, next time you are confident that it’s certainly not you in that board room!
Tea bag in shoes for odour
5.      Ziplock your Jewelery: This is the secret passed on to us from our grandma’s generation. Ziplock all your jewelleries and you will never complain of them getting tarnished or rusted anymore. Jewelleries are for keeps and let them stay with us forever!
Florid maven - ziploc your jewelry

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  1. I've never heard the idea of making two high pony-tails and tying them together. Genius!

  2. I've never heard of taping your toes together! Or the ponytail thing either, actually, but the taped toes thing is super intriguing.

  3. I'd never heard of some of these! I am a big fan of baby wipes on everything though, I think every mum has that moment when they realise all they do is clean things with baby wipes, ha!

    Hope you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. 2 and 4 are useful as use for common :) nice post

  5. I'll definitely be trying number 3 & 4 out!
    - Berrz | http://beautybyberrz.blogspot.com

  6. Great tips! I'm gonna try the high ponytail one today, can't believe I never thought of it!

  7. Love the hack about taping your toes together, great post.

  8. Super hacks. Gotta try taping my toes when I wear heals the next time! :)

    - www.prernashighonchai.com

  9. Using baby wipes on deodorant stains is genius! And taping your toes to eliminate blisters? Seems to good to be true. So obviously I'm trying it! lol