8 Travel Beauty Essentials to Carry

By Anamika - 16:26:00

1.      Handbags: One is your everyday handbag and the other would be a chic elegant evening bag. You can also carry more depending on the length of your trip and size of your travel bag.
                   Handbags - Travel Essentials

2.     Hair tools and mousse: We all love our curlers and straighteners!  So when we fail to bag any of these we feel so helpless and miss out on the gorgeous styles we were going to spot with the outfits. Let’s put them in the carrier first!

Hair tools - Florid Maven

3.     Face Mask: After a long travel to another city, it’s great to start your trip by applying some face mask before makeup to freshen up and brighten your day. It will make you feel more poised and beautiful.
Face Mask- things to carry while travelling

4.    Dry Shampoo:  It’s a great idea to always carry a dry shampoo especially when travelling. This does not only help you avoid a bad hair day but also keeps your hair away from any effect of change in water.
L'oreal Everstyle Dry Shampoo

5.     Nail paint: I am a big fan of having my nails all bright and colourful especially when travelling. It just makes you look livelier. But don’t forget to carry a nail remover along ;)

Nail Art - Florid Maven

6.     Perfume: A nice fragrance says a lot about your personality. Always smell good especially when you are travelling as you tend to do more physical activities and outdoor stuff!

Perfume - Florid Maven

7.     Travel Makeup kit: I don’t think I need to elucidate this. A friendly travel size makeup kit is a staple for your travel. Get it organised!

Travel Makeup kit

8.    Sunscreen: Girls, this is one of the most important item to carry regardless of where you are travelling. Weather it’s a trip to a sunny California or wintry Vancouver, it’s always advisable to apply sunscreen before heading out.

                       Banana Boat Sunscreen 50+ SPF - Travel Essential

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  1. I always bring my little makeup kit :D Nice post!
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook

  2. Great post dear


  3. Travel-friendly makeup + beauty items definitely save me lots of packing space! And having them with me during the flight is great for touch-ups!

    Le Stylo Rouge