5 White Fashion Clothing For Every Closet

By Anamika - 16:42:00

     1.      White Dress/Gown : As we all know the ongoing trend  of LWD (little white dress), its time to update your wardrobe and jump on this fashion bandwagon which is here to stay. White dressy gowns too are perfect for the extravagant events and parties. So girls make a choice or pick both!

Image Source - Getty/ Han Myung -Gu

2.     Long White Cardigan : This is your go-to stylish & chic cardigan that you can pair with any outfit for the evening. Weather its your girls night out or a cosy date, White  cardigans always get you the desired attention. Its elegant yet fun, adding right oomph factor to your personality.
Florid Maven - white Cardigan
Florid Maven

3.     White Crop Top : I am a big believer of one White crop top in the closet.  It does not only go perfectly well with your denims but is also a perfect pick for your  skirts regardless of their colour and style. Definitely a life saver for those quick dressing up days.
Florid Maven - White Crop top
Florid Maven

4.      Classic White Shirt : This is one timeless style that never goes wrong at work or for the formal evening meetings. You can pair this up with slim fit pants, trousers or pencil skirts. Every women must have atleast one classic white shirt as it’s a definite wardrobe staple.  Poised and graceful define these shirts.
White classic Shirt
Image Source - Nawo.com

5.      Pair of White Jeans : Those are the white pair of jeans that make you look like you know the right A game of fashion. Grab them today and pair them with a casual top and oversized bag.
White Pair of Jeans
Image Source - Han Myung - Gu

Let me know what are your white fashion clothing staples!

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  1. I love a little white dress! They're perfect for the summer or really all year around. Thanks for sharing!

    x. Cattleya


    1. Yes..LWD is a must have! it really goes well on all occasions! x

  2. The little white dress in the first picture is amazing. It can be worn as daily outfit and formal dresses