5 Fun Workouts for Every Woman on the Go

By Anamika - 18:04:00

Holiday season is here and so is the time for get together, shopping and binge eating! Surviving the holidays without over indulgence is a tad difficult especially when you have those office, family and friends’ holiday parties to attend.

This is the apt time to get little more strict on our fitness routine in order to balance a healthy lifestyle. Most women are always on the go with little time for the daily monotonous gym sessions. So I am listing down a few options to have some fun and lose weight!

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1.     Zumba: I love this dance form, it is fast paced, works on the beats and gives you a chance to move your leg on some amazing songs. 30 minutes of Zumba is sure to bring your heart rate up and get your blood pumping. It is one of the most fun cardio session with fast and effective results. On an average you can burn from 500 – 1000 calories in just an hour session! I persona

2.     Kickboxing: A little girlie secret is that we all love to take up a sport which is challenging and action packed. What’s better then kickboxing to tone up those muscles and strengthen your core. It also helps release stress and hypertension. One hour session can help you burn around 750 – 1000 calories. Craving for some kickboxing fun?

3.     Long walks with your Partner: This is for all those women you are multitasking all the time. Perfect workout of the season, go on romantic long walks with your partner, friend or your best buddy – dog. 30 minutes of walking everyday will boost your metabolism, uplift your mood and help you shed those extra pounds…isn’t it

4.     Hiking: This is an incredible way of working out with your friends. You can also join hiking camps that would keep you motivated. It’s a very subtle way of working out, making your muscles lean while having some adventure and adrenaline rush. This will also help you break free from your regular day to day life.

5.     Yoga Session at home: I love my own small yoga sessions at home. They are refreshing, peaceful and works on your body and mind overall. The best part of this workout is that its effects are long term.


So enjoy the season with some delicious spread of food, friends, family and some me time to balance it all!

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  1. Oh I will have to give some of these a try, I find it so hard to find the motivation to work out lately though! I am always loving your blog too, keep up the aaamazing work lovely lady! x


    1. Yes I know sometimes it gets a little tough to keep up with the workout routine but I guess if we keep trying something new it should work! xo

  2. Kickboxing is my favorite way to work out! Thanks for sharing.


    1. That's a great form of workout Maggie, keep going!! xo

  3. I love each one of these works out! I love how they are fun and also effective!


    1. Exactly Rach, we need to find something fun yet effective! :)


  4. I love doing yoga at home!


    1. Yoga is my favourite for of workout too..I think its one of the most effective workouts!! Keep it up :) xo